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LRB and all L-assets will have 8 decimal places.
Total Supply
Neither LRB nor any L-asset will have a fixed supply, since they can all be minted and burned through the Aviary contract. The supply of any token in the Lyrebird ecosystem can increase or decrease indefinitely depending on the price movements of their target assets.
Initial Supply

The initial supply of LRB will be 100 million, allocated as follows:

  • Team Allocation: 20 million, locked for 1 year
  • Stability Reserve: 20 million
  • Project Development: 10 million
    • FRP-FLM-LRB Initial Capital: 5 million, locked indefinitely
    • Remainder: 5 million
  • Community Distribution: 50 million
    • Airdrops: 10 million
    • FRP-FLM-LRB Reverse Pool Distribution: 15 million (over 10 years)
    • FRP-FLM-USDL Reverse Pool Distribution: 10 million (over 10 years)
    • TBD: 15 million

The initial supply of USDL will be 10 million. This supply will be reserved by the team, pledged to be used only for the following purposes:

  • DEX Pool Initial Capital
  • Stability Reserve
  • Ecosystem Project Funding
  • Burning (if no suitable use case is found)