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Lyrebird Cage

Contract Information

Script Hash: 0x4024ee51e46815083abfdd263bc41ea2a59229e7

Address: NgzF5bmmJSKjWFtC2mFAPjau85VQAanR3y


The Cage is a contract that holds all airdropped LRB awaiting claim by users. In order to incentivize recipients to support the ecosystem over the long term, airdropped quantities can claimed only after a distributionPeriod of one year.

The recipient is under no obligation to claim the airdropped LRB. However, the contract will hold these quantities indefinitely if the recipient changes their mind.

The Team Allocation portion of the initial LRB supply will be locked in the Cage, subject to the same constraints as the above.

Tunable Parameters

distributionPeriod (default=365d)
The length of time after which a wallet can claim its airdropped balance.