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Lyrebird Token

Contract Information

Script Hash: 0x8c07b4c9f5bc170a3922eac4f5bb7ef17b0acc8b

Address: NYf9YS9X2uWrcPecjHR16CWoeVnyT7yMd4


The Lyrebird Token (LRB) is the reserve token of the Lyrebird ecosystem. Its main role is to absorb the volatility of L-assets thereby keeping them pegged to their target prices.

LRB has an initial supply of 100M, but does not have a fixed supply. LRB's supply expands and contracts as it is swapped to and from L-assets to match the supply of L-assets to their demand. The supply of LRB will be gradually released through airdrops and liquidity pool rewards.

The following lists some important functionalities that it implements:

Mint a desired quantity of the token, increasing the total supply. Can only be called by the Aviary contract.
Burn a desired quantity of the token, decreasing the total supply.
Stake a desired quantity of the token. This is implemented as an onNEP17Transfer method.
Addresses with staked tokens are eligible for regular swap spread fee distribution. Once voting is implemented, each address will also be given a number of votes equivalent to its staked LRB quantity.
Begin unstaking a quantity of an address's staked LRB. The tokens will be in unstaking status for a period of 30 days, after which the owner can call claimUnstaked to add the tokens back to their regular balance.
Once initiated, the unstaking quantity does not receive any staking benefits, nor does it count toward voting. The unstaking process cannot be canceled; only claimed once unstaking is complete. An address may have multiple concurrent unstaking processes in progress.
Retrieve all tokens in unstaking status for which the unstaking period has elapsed and add them to the available balance.
Vote on a proposal - not yet implemented.