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Lyrebird Hatchery

Contract Information

Script Hash: 0x0092acb613effdbc66508ccb44d11d6965a1973a

Address: NRFn2MJ7zjcc4bQ2ga6MEmkKf22bZBHEwG


The Hatchery is a community fund intended to bolster ecosytem growth by funding projects that add value to Lyrebird.

The Hatchery is funded when users swap LRB for L-assets. The Aviary contract will set aside swapQuantity * (1 - burnRatio) LRB for every such transaction and transfer it to the Hatchery.

If no suitable use case can be found for the Hatchery Reserves, the reserves may be distributed to LRB stakers or burned, both of which likely have the net effect of increasing the value of LRB stakers' holdings.