The First Native
Stablecoin on
Neo N3

Lyrebird was the Best DeFi Project
of the Neo Frontier Hackathon.


What is Lyrebird?



Native stablecoin protocol built on the Neo N3 blockchain

Lyrebird is the first native stablecoin protocol built on the Neo N3 blockchain. Starting with its USD-pegged token USDL, Lyrebird provides a family of algorithmically stabilized stablecoins known as L-assets to serve as the foundational building blocks for Neo's burgeoning DeFi ecosystem.

No.1 - Best DeFi project award

One of the first projects on Neo N3

Incubated by Neo Global Development

As a community-centered project, Lyrebird will distribute 50% of its native token LRB freely without any insider or public sales.


How does Lyrebird work?